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This an old utility I wrote a couple years ago in order to resize the images downloaded from my digital camera. After a recent trip to Spain where me and my friends took a lot of pictures, I tough it worthed to pick up again the solution and give it a refresh. Instead of uploading to Facebook several pictures weighting an average of 5mb each. Code is quite simple and old, don’t expect unit tests, funky interfaces, multithread and so on.. 🙂 . You can download the full source code here or just download the client from here. If you’re getting the client, you only need to extract the archive on your pc and run it straight it by launching GM.ImageResizer.Win.exe, best to create a shortcut for the file on your desktop. I’m sure there’s plenty of similar tools around, here’s how this one works:

Unzip the archive and launch the file GM.ImageResizer.Win.exe


Launch the application and select the folder containing the images you want to resize:


Then select the ouput folder where you want the resized images to be dropped:


Finally select the output quality and resolution and then press GO!:


One completed, you can then find the resized images in the output folder, the size is much smaller then the original.


Happy upload!

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