Resharper vs JustCode vs CodeRush

In case you wonder: Resharper wins hands down.

During my last contract, the devs godsent tool (read Resharper) wasn’t available for some reasons (read £££), so I decided to try out the 1 month evaluation offered by each of its main competitors. But not before first trying Resharper itself (one month trial here too), so here’s the conclusion:

  • Resharper – The de facto leader productivity tool for Visual Studio, no doubts. Fast, non intrusive and again FAST!
  • JustCode – Great product, I like how the context menus for Navigation, Refactoring etc are separated giving a clean and polished look to the JustCode menu. But it is slow and you’ll end up waiting for the tools smart suggestions to appear sometimes after the standard Visual Studio ones shows up.
  • CodeRush – Didn’t like it. Slightly faster and more responsive than JustCode but much less polished (imho), the navigation and shortcuts differs from Resharper and JustCode. I like the debug visualizer functionality: basically when debugging step by step, once you have passed a variable this will show it’s value within the code (a sort of immediate window), but that’s all I dig about CodeRush.

While trying JustCode and CodeRush I’ve realized how valuable Resharper is.

Speed is the main ingredient here I guess: you want something that follows your keystroke pace and suggests this or that while you type, without you having to stop and wait for the tip to load. JustCode could be a valid alternative (neat and good potential) once the lag is sorted.

For now, I’ll stick with Resharper.


Hi Roman, speed is the most important one in my opinion and for now I got the impression that only resharper can keep up with your typing, the difference is so evident that it outweigh the other features.

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